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ICPS 2018 Research Poster Competition

Applications must be submitted by October 15th, 2018

The Riphah Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Safety (RIHIS) in collaboration with the Health Research Advisory Board is pleased to announce their Annual Research Poster Competition on Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety. Each year, RIHIS holds this competition as part of the International Conference on Patient Safety to create an environment for postgraduate physician trainees, nurses and medical students to share ideas and research findings.

The posters are evaluated by a committee comprised of Patient Safety experts and are judged on the basis of quality, significance to the field, thoroughness, and clarity of presentation.

The purpose of the Competition is to encourage student physicians and medical
students to:

  • Engage in high quality, sound, and pertinent research;
  • Gain experience in the presentation of scientific papers;
  • Demonstrate poise and mental agility before their peers;
  • Develop skills in effective communication for the dissemination of research information.

The subject of Presentation:

  • Any basic or applied research related to patient safety and/or health care quality will be considered for entry in the competition.
  • The poster may contain information that has been presented at other regional or national meetings.

Who should participate:

  • Medical Students
  • Postgraduate trainee physicians
  • Nursing staff

Place and Condition of Presentation:

  • Posters are to be displayed at the annual ICPS 2018 on 3rd-4th November 2018 in Lahore.
  • Details of display size and process shall be communicated following the initial submission deadline.

Evaluators of Posters:

  • Judges will review posters with the contestant present. The panel of judges will evaluate and score posters presented. Contestants will not give a formal oral presentation in the traditional sense; however, they should be prepared to explain their research process and findings and to answer questions from judges concerning objectives, methods, design, results, and interpretation of research. Judges will visit each exhibit to evaluate posters using criteria established. At the conclusion of the competition, judges will meet with the organizing committee of the conference to confirm the winners.
  • First, second, and third place prizes shall be awarded to the winners respectively.

Evaluation Criteria:

The posters will be evaluated on a scale of 100 points max, on the following:

  • The communication of the research, including visual aspects of the poster and the ability to answer questions posed. (40 points)
  • The organization of data and research.(30 points)
  • The significance of the contribution to patient safety and healthcare quality. (30 points)

Participants whose posters are selected shall have to arrange their own travel and boarding, however, they will be provided with complimentary registration at the conference.


Guidelines for poster submission:


An abstract of 100 words should be submitted describing the research.  You will be contacted if invited to enter your poster into the competition.

Acceptable Format for Submissions:

  • Work must be presented in the form of a poster presentation.

Each poster should contain the following sections and be clearly identified:

  • Title and Author

Place the title and names of authors at the top center of the poster.

  • Introduction

Give a brief background, followed by a statement of the purpose of the research as either a question or a hypothesis.

  • Methods

Give a brief discussion of the techniques, data collection, replicas and statistics used.

  • Results

Use tables and graphs that are easy to read and understand.

  • Conclusions

What did you find out?  Did you accept or reject your hypothesis?  Describe results in terms of general patient safety and healthcare quality principles.  What is the significance of the findings?

Application Submission Process:

  • Please send the following information with your abstract to [email protected]
  • Fill out ALL of the fields completely.
  • Fields marked with * MUST be filled out or your application will be disqualified.
  • Thank you in advance for your participation.
  • To fill out the application and submit your abstract,  please click the link below.

Abstract Submission Application Form